E: sijia0817@gmail.com

Ins: @sijiawustudio


      Sijia Wu is a fashion designer based in New York and Shanghai. She studied fashion design in Parson focused on All-gender, with a study abroad experience in CSM in menswear. During her experience of creating and designing, she is interested in materials and design processes that are related and associated with conceptual themes in aspects of humanity and arts.  She appreciates the aesthetic of minimalism, while her understanding of it is that “only the essence of the design is kept, as less as you could not take any more.” She creates with subtle things hidden in the garment details. Her methods characteristically involve both innovative techniques and traditional ways of developing ideas. Sijia has a background in Math, and had interning experience in design team, PR team, marketing team in high fashion brands as well as individual designer studios in New York, London and Shanghai.


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